Renovations and Alterations to 2 Military Hospital,Capetown.     



Client: Department of Public Works




2 Mil Front

Renovations and Alterations to Innes Chambers, Johannesburg.



Client: Department of Public Works




Innes Chambers Front

Construction of New 250 Ml/d Filter Block 2B at Zuikerbosch     

Pumping Station, Vereeniging



Client: Rand Water





Greenview Station: Package 3: Above Platform Level, Including

External Works and Other Additional Work



Client: PRASA




Greenview Front

Boesmansnek, Ongeluksnek and Ramatselito Ports of Entry,    

Lesotho Border Points Of Entry    



Client: Department of Public Works




POE front

Pollsmoor Correctional Centre: Repair and Maintanance of       

Building, Capetown



Client: Department of Public Works




Pollsmoor front

Makaleng Bridge, Telle Bridge and Sepapushek Ports of Entry  

Repair and Maintanance, Lesotho Border Points Of Entry



Client: Department of Public Works




POE front 2

The Construction of Bulk Water Supply Infrastructure  

at The Greater Tubatse Municipality, De Hoop Water

Treatment Works, Burgersfort



Client: Sekhukhune District Municipality




De Hoop Front

Building and Civil Structures updated on 21/10/2014